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WHOA NELLY! Glenn Beck triggers avalanche of whiny snowflakes with 1 tweet about big tech censorship HYPOCRISY

Interesting how some people are protected when they use hateful speech and others aren’t when it comes to big-tech. Actually, when it comes to any area, look at Sarah Jeong who was all but rewarded for her hate speech with a cushy job at the New York Times.


And whether or not you like or support Alex Jones, what has happened to his outlet is troubling on many, many levels. Talk about a slippery slope …

Gosh, we have an idea as to WHY they protected this person but not Alex Jones and it rhymes with sky-us.


Something like that.

And check out the people throwing an absolute FIT on this thread:

Is that a threat? LOL.


Because when a Leftist doesn’t like what you have to say they don’t want ANYONE to be able to hear it. Unlike a Rightie who just changes the channel …

Dude, it’s not a false equivalency just because you agree with the woman who hates white people.


Noticing a theme here? They’re totally good with someone they don’t like being censored … but you know if this happened to Salon or Slate they’d burn buildings down and knit a bunch of glittery, pink hats.



Get a life.

They just don’t get it.

It is never more important to defend speech than when it’s speech you disagree with.


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