CNN and other media outlets haven’t exactly gone out of their way to well and truly cover the Antifa attack on Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk in Philly yesterday. Yeah, we know, you’re as shocked as we were, yes?

Glenn Beck called CNN out in fact:

Well, to be fair we ‘found’ their so-called reporting on this frightening attack and honestly seeing the headline it’s no wonder Glenn missed it.

Conservative activists? DAFUQ? No mention of their names?

And they were just ‘driven’ from the restaurant?

Talk about sugarcoating the attack, not to mention the obvious tapdance around the fact that one of the ‘activists’ (really?!) was a black woman who got yelled at and attacked by a bunch of white Democrats. They even called her a white supremacist.


But then again, this is CNN.


And not untrue.

Good point.

They were just ‘driven’ from the restaurant ya’ know. *eye roll*


Wrong narrative.


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