Alyssa Milano is super excited about her new Netflix project, ‘Insatiable’. Even though the entire premise of the ‘show’ seems to be about a poor fat girl who finally gets skinny and has her vengeance on those who were mean to her when she was fat.

Or something.

Not exactly what we’d call a body positive message, and Alyssa’s fans seem to agree with us:

Yeah … hard pass.

It’s a horrible message. The only way to really have an awesome life if you’re fat is to lose weight? We’re honestly shocked SJWs aren’t protesting Alyssa … JUST KIDDING. They seem AOK when someone on their ‘side’ says horrible things about women.

Let’s hear it for Third Wave Feminism!


Us too.

We don’t disagree.

Man, that’s some serious girl power, right?


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