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"Dumba*s f*cking white people!" NYT's newest editorial board member, Sarah Jeong, wanted to "cancel" white people

The New York times sure can pick ’em, eh?

You KNOW this gal is a blast at birthday parties …


We grabbed his screenshots from the tweet so you can see them here, and yeah, they’re some of her greatest hits.

Makes you wonder if NYT actually did see these tweets.

Wait, what are we saying, you know they did … in fact, it could be one of the reasons they hired her.

Just a bit.


They’ll ignore it.

Or give her a bonus, we’re not sure yet.

She wasn’t trying to be edgy, it seems she really doesn’t like white people.

Which should technically make her a racist BUT we digress.



Would appear so?

Could be – gotta make those quotas ya’ know!

Just the sort of open-minded we’ve come to expect from the New York Times.


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