Man, Jim Acosta is on a ROLL this week when it comes to making a giant fool of himself.

And the week is just barely half over.

Someone might want to tell ol’ Jim that his job is to REPORT the news, not become the news.

What was he thinking going after Hannity? Well, technically he’s subtweeting like a mean high school girl because he didn’t bother to tag Hannity in his nasty dig so this isn’t really “going after” him …


Hannity seemed more than happy to tag Acosta though:

Someone get Jim his binky and banky.

And wow, if he thought people were pissed at him at that rally, he ain’t seen NOTHING yet. Look at the responses …

Truth hurts.

Hannity has never claimed to be unbiased, he’s a pundit. And a conservative one at that.

Maybe Jim should just admit he’s not a journalist, he’d be a lot happier and get a lot further.



This gent even said Jim is a nice guy and told him he’s capable of much better; that tells us everything we need to know. At this point, even people who LIKE the guy are telling him to knock it off.


Awww, he even said please.

Jim is truly his own worst enemy.


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