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DAFUUUUQ?! Leslie Cockburn accuses Denver Riggleman of being "into" Bigfoot erotica (no, we're not kidding)

When this editor was a little girl, she wanted to be a writer. She wrote several stories all throughout her school years in hopes that ONE DAY she would be a writer full time. Then in 2016, that dream came true …


And this morning this editor gets to write about Bigfoot erotica.

It sounded pretty inspirational until we got to the Bigfoot junk, right?


Ok, so when we saw this tweet floating around from Leslie Cockburn (we know), we didn’t think it could possibly be real. In fact we went to bed thinking it was a joke but then this morning the damn thing is trending … and Leslie is indeed very real and running for office in Virginia.



Forget that he was on camera with a white supremacist, but apparently, the dude digs on Bigfoot.

Wait, there’s more!

Huh again?

Where are her people?! Surely an intern did this … right? RIGHT?!

Now to be fair, she is missing a little blue-check so this MIGHT not be her, which is why this editor questioned the tweet’s authenticity last night but still.



Ya’ think?


Imagine writing about all of you tweeting about Bigfoot erotica.


We wondered the same thing but nope.


We agree with Jeet. Between the Bigfoot erotica and now this surely it is the end of times.


Imagine the writers for this scene:

“Hey guys, I have the most HILARIOUS idea. And they thought the banning straws thing was stupid …”

Please God, no.

Gotta have more Bigfoot erotica.


HAAAAAAAAAA. Thanks to GayPatriot for being THAT GUY.


You know that face you make when your sibling says something sorta stupid but really hilarious at the dinner table but you’re not sure if you should laugh or not? Yup, just made that face.


And we’re done here.


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