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COWARD! Blue-check "arts journo" tweets then DELETES poll dumping on white people (but we have it!)

Ben Eltham (we know, we’ve never heard of him either but he’s got a blue-check so Twitter thinks he matters) is an ‘arts journalist,’ whatever the heck that is, and he decided to post a poll about the impact white people have on Australia.


A poll which he quickly deleted once it appeared not to go the way he wanted it to.

We get it, for some reason Ben and other SJW types want to vilify white people and blame them for everything and anything but at this point, the entire narrative is old and boring.

Change the record.

This has zero impact on anyone who doesn’t already hate white people.


Ben then claimed he deleted the poll on purpose.

He goes on to explain that he was trying to prove that white people don’t like being called white people. We’re not entirely sure what he thought this poll would prove but hey if it helps him sleep better at night whatever.

That’s probably the real reason he deleted it.


We wish.

But he says he meant to delete it or something.


We’re not entirely sure what this has to do with the poll being deleted but we love the animated gif so it works.

But, but, but he was proving a point!


Sure seems that way. He’d have been better off to just admit he deleted the poll when he realized it wouldn’t have the results he was looking for. Instead, he tried claiming that he MEANT to tweet then delete it to prove some ridiculous theory about white people … which stinks of BS.

White fragility.



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