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Put 'em up ... PUT 'EM UP! Tom Arnold gets all BIG and bad, picks fight with Dave Rubin and ZOMG LOL

Have we mentioned lately that the Left has lost their ever-loving minds? Because holy cow, they absolutely are on the train to Unhinged-ville.

Mark Duplass DARED suggest that liberals interested in crossing the aisle follow Ben Shapiro and people lost their damn minds. Over a follow suggestion.


Yeah, we know, they’re ridiculous.

Dave  Rubin tweeted about it:

Rage mobs.

They are incredibly tiresome but sadly something the progressive agenda machine keeps on feeding. It’s sort of like the monster Democrats have created that will quite honestly in time turn on them as well … but until then they’ll keep pushing the mob because they think it helps their ‘movement’.

Tom Arnold got all sorts of fussy with Dave over his tweet:

‘You’re going to have to deal with me.’



Did he REALLY tweet that?!



Man, is it just us or does Tom Arnold sound a LOT like the Cowardly Lion?


Dave doesn’t seem overly concerned about being dealt with by Tom Arnold.

That’s the exact reaction we had.




Eh. Tom’s not the brightest crayon in the box.


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