What the Hell is wrong with people?

Serious question. What sort of person thinks that this tweet about Dana Loesch was in any way appropriate or meaningful? Ok, so we doubt Billy cared much about being meaningful or appropriate since he was clearly just trolling Dana … but c’mon man.

Thingy? Hollywood dropout?

Does he really want to talk about Hollywood dropouts because yeah, he’s the Baldwin most people have to Google.

Just sayin’.

If they weren’t slurring people with false accusations they’d have very little to talk about.

Ouchville. Population 1.

See?! We weren’t the only ones who had to Google the dude.


They’ve been targeting her for years.

And she’s still standing.

Dana is the Left’s Kryptonite, and no matter how hard they try and hit her, she hits back twice as hard.

Sad trombone, Billy.


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