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OMG the FAIL! A TRIGGERED Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lists her platform policies and talk about a HOT MESS

Would appear Gavin McInnes got under Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s skin by pointing out a very simple point about socialists, that being none of them have any original ideas.


Side note: This was such a cowardly move to screenshot his tweet in order to ‘debate’ him. 

So her comeback to McInnes pointing out that socialists don’t have any of their own ideas was to prove how unoriginal she and her platform really are.

Alrighty then.

Even her supporters are trying to bring her back to reality though:

Free stuff always appeals to people who don’t understand that NOTHING is free and that ultimately someone, somewhere is paying for it. And we know, the Left and particularly socialists, have painted people who earn a living as villains in this country, but it’s just not so. The people who get hit the hardest are in the middle, the ones who make too much to benefit from forced govt. charity and not enough to work the progressive tax system.


But we digress.

She doesn’t seem to understand basic economics at all.

Wage mandates fuel unemployment.



Our entire welfare system is in desperate need of an overhaul and some serious spending cuts. But you know, that makes us all racists and bigots for accepting the reality that our money only goes so far.




Never mind.

Now, this sounds like a compromise.

Socialism with policies so awesome they have to force people to use them.

Ugh, socialism sucks so bad. Sorry, not sorry.


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