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HYPOCRITE! ACLU blue-check BLISTERED for claiming those cheering Trump's #SCOTUSPick 'own his bigotry'

You know this guy is a real blast at birthday parties and other special events.

Look at how he manipulated quite honestly a far more interesting tweet to make a lame-ass dig at Trump and his SCOTUS nominee:


Matthew Segal is a legal director for the ACLU.

And he doesn’t seem to understand that his own tweet is pretty damn bigoted.

Does that mean the ACLU owns his bigotry? Asking for a friend.

Now now, he’s busy virtue signaling over Trump.

Don’t bug him with reality and facts.

So this guy is saying anyone who supports Trump at all is a bigot … yeah?

Does he realize that sort of makes HIM a bigot?

Asking for a friend.

That. ^


Look how quickly he runs away when presented with a rational debate and facts.


We’re going to guess he did not see that.



Bigot and Nazi are the new ‘racist’, and sadly people like Matthew are taking away any and all real meaning behind the words.



You tell him!

And curtain.


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