This is one of the most hilarious things we’ve read on Twitter in a long time.

Hands down.

Admit it, the look on his face totally cracks you up.

From The Onion:

NORWOOD, NC—Law enforcement officials investigated a disturbance Sunday afternoon following reports of a screaming gay man being dragged across a lake behind a boat. “We received multiple accounts of two male suspects forcefully pulling a young gay man behind their motorboat at high speeds,” said Sgt. Michael Bosch of the Norwood Police Department, who noted that people on shore observed the gay man frantically waving and shouting the entire time he was yanked through the water by a 75-foot length of rope.

The horror!

Again, the smile on his face … kills us.

Quick! The need to pass legislation against police dogs!

But of course, the Left was front and center to take this far too seriously …

It’s a joke.

Settle down.

Dude, right?

Taken aback by The Onion?



Yes, yes you are.

*eye roll*

Everyone’s a critic.

We feel you, The Onion. #Solidarity

Amen, Luke.


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