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Son, you got WORKED! Colonel Assault MOM hands blue-check his ARSE for claiming MAGA hates vets

These freakin’ people.

A blue-check you’ve probably never heard of named David Weissman used a screenshot to prove that MAGA hates vets.

See for yourself.


Full disclosure. The tweet David Weissman sent to Don Cheadle to get his attention … err … to tattle really is pretty awful. But to claim that it somehow proves MAGA doesn’t care about vets is hogwash at best; hateful rhetoric and BS at worst.



Whoa, HE MAD.

Someone, please get David some tissue, juice, a granola bar, and then point him in the appropriate direction to take a nappy.

Don’t you love it when blue-check tough guys unblock MEAN OL’ WOMEN to talk smack?

What do you wanna bet he re-blocks her after this little exchange?

No, dummy.


She is saying she doesn’t care what you think.

Perhaps she should have used smaller words.

Hey now, he’s busy fighting for our vets by posting stupid tweets on Twitter.


This guy, EL OH EL.

Oh, he deleted this one. Wonder why?


Walk away.


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