It’s so adorable when Planned Parenthood pretends to actually care about families.

And by adorable we mean sick, twisted, and totally backward.

They fight for all.

Just not the pesky unborn.

Silly, they don’t count.

And look at all their pretty posters! They mean business!

Oh boy.

Pro-aborts work so hard to dehumanize the unborn so they can live with themselves for fighting on behalf of abortionists.

What do they think a fetus is?


OH FFS this stupid argument.

Would someone please remind ‘WizeAssy’ that this has been debunked time and time again, that having to choose one or the other doesn’t devalue life and it proves nothing? Yeah, we know, they have really started to rely on this silly ‘riddle’ but it’s just so dumb.


Interesting. Considering over 80% of their revenue comes from abortion we’re going to guess ‘Carrie’ here is wrong.

But wait, there’s more!

Note, this guy probably is pro-abortion but the argument is more about his attacking Jenna as a woman, illustrating once again who the Left really is.


Notice how he deliberately didn’t capitalize God.

So. Edgy.

Well, his bio does say he’s an atheist so he probably felt totes empowered by writing it that way.



Seriously, when someone shows you who they are, believe them.

The Left dehumanizes women who disagree with them, the unborn, minorities who disagree with them … they have to so they can vilify them and then treat them like garbage. Like this jagoff is doing to Jenna.

He’s such a sad lil guy.

Intelligent enough to be a conservative.

We love this woman.

We doubt he learned a whole lot, even though he was very clearly schooled.


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