Starbucks has some serious issues and clearly, their anti-bias training isn’t doing a whole lot to fix them. Did they really think lecturing their employees about how racist and sexist they were was going to change behavior for real? Truly, if your employees don’t already know that you don’t tease someone with a disability there is no helping them …

From ABC & NY:

Starbucks says an employee in Philadelphia has been fired after reportedly mocking a customer with a stutter.

The coffee chain says the behavior did not reflect the experience customers should have and the employee is no longer with Starbucks.

A person on Facebook posted Sunday that his friend stuttered when giving his name and that the barista made light of it verbally and then spelled the name with extra letters.

Huh, another Philadelphia location. Who’da thunk it? And yes, stuttering in most cases is a disability.

This employee not only made fun of the way customer said their name, but they WROTE IT WITH A STUTTER on the tag.

Wow, what an a-hole.

Good question.


And we’re not seeing stories about McDonald’s employees mocking people with disabilities.

That doesn’t seem to have worked out too well for them last time …



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