Oh, stifle, Chelsea.


You don’t get to apologize to other countries on our behalf because you have a stick perpetually wedged in your backside over Trump.

The majority of us are not ashamed.

And why should we be?

Just quit.

Seems even those in the #WalkAway movement have had enough of Chelsea’s blathering. If you’re not familiar with #WalkAway they are predominately a group of Democrats who are so disgusted with the behavior from the Left that they are ‘walking away’ from the party. Of course many on the Left will claim these people don’t exist or that they’re Russian bots …

Stop acting oppressed.

Fair point, she is DEFINITELY acting.


Would appear people are getting tired of this hating on America routine from our good friends in Hollywood.

Even Chelsea’s fans.


This didn’t go well for Chelsea.

She never learns.

We’re sensing a theme here, Chels, and it isn’t a good one.

Other countries we’d apologize for Chelsea Handler but that would imply that we actually take her seriously … and we don’t.



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