When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.

If a red baseball hat looks like a swastika to you it MIGHT be time for some therapy.


Especially if the person wearing said MAGA hat is a minor and you can’t seem to understand that it doesn’t matter what a teen is wearing, that an adult should know better than to attack them, period the end. This isn’t about being decent, this is about being human.

Really? REALLY?!

And look at those pretty blue checks. #WeSeeYouTwitter

Scott. Seriously dude?

Stop it.

Side note, if this account they’re attacking really is the teen who wore the MAGA hat who was attacked, then he has tweeted that Jimenez was arrested. We can neither confirm nor deny that this account really is the young man in question, but it’s an interesting tidbit.

We know what he should stick and where …

Don’t @ us.


Yeah, attacking a kid is hilarious.

Between this and them not taking the #WalkAway movement seriously, Trump very well could be president forever.


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