As Twitchy reported earlier, blue-check author Kimberley Johnson took issue with a black man’s bumper stickers … she said they confused her which ultimately ended up going very badly for Johnson. So badly in fact that she deleted her tweet.

Her excuse for deleting said tweet is almost as pathetic as her original:

It confused her.

Sure it did.

Awww, she’s the victim in all of this.

But of course.

Katie Pavlich had a point or two to make for Kimberley …

Wait, black people are individuals with their own ideas and beliefs?! GET OUTTA HERE.

Can we get a HELL YEAH?


Let’s all hope Kimberley learns a thing or FIVE from this experience and stops being so confused.

The Left NEEDS to break people into groups and labels so they can pander to them while pretending to save them. It’s been their schtick for decades.

Tough crowd.


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