Author and HuffPost contributor Kimberley Johnson recently saw something that left her rattled. It was so egregious, so appalling, so downright jaw-dropping, that she just had to share it with her Twitter followers today.

We warn you: What you are about to read is shocking, so you might want to sit down first.





OK, here it is. Don’t say we didn’t warn you:

We told you it was shocking.

What? You mean you don’t know?

She busted out the Vox. Now you know she means business.

There’s gotta be. Because if there’s not, that can only mean one thing:

We need some pearls to clutch. WHERE ARE OUR PEARLS???

When you’re so woke that you’re asleep, you miss things like that.

It works out nicely, then. Because she just so happens to be both of those things. Oh, also, she’s a glutton for punishment:


Credit where it’s due: When Kimberley Johnson sets her mind to digging her own grave, she fully commits.

It’s getting so hard to keep up with this stuff.


And speaking of confusing:

Us, too.


Well deserved, we’d say.

It’s OK. We’ve preserved it:

Congratulations, Kimberley. That tweet will probably be the most widely read thing you ever write!

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional text and tweets.



It confused you because you’re a bigot.


You are absolutely free to wonder about that. Just don’t expect to be able to do so aloud without feeling the heat.

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