Unfortunately, this editor cannot share Shaun King’s tweets directly where he threatens to sue ‘people who are lying about him’ because he has her (and most of Twitter) blocked. But luckily Clay Travis was able to grab screenshots and share them with some pretty direct tweets to Shaun himself …

Awww yes, Shaun has an interesting history of accusing innocent people of horrible crap. Remember the reporter he accused of being grossly racist at a nail salon? It took the poor reporter several DAYS of sharing her story and writing people to remove the lies from the ‘rage mob’ Shaun inspired to attack her.

We’re not entirely sure he has apologized to her yet.


Sounds like Clay has had ENOUGH.

That and Shaun has lied about so many other people … the hypocrisy is off the charts!

Gonna guess NO, no he doesn’t.

This person just described the majority of the Left these days.

It must be exhausting to be this angry all of the time.

And speaking of the lack of self-awareness being preposterous … look who’s a Shaun King fan.



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