Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sure wants everyone to think she’s some underdog RADICAL fighting for the little guy since she’s a socialist …

We suppose fighting to give the government more control over the American people is a radical idea. A stupid one, but radical, sure.

Correct course? Ummm … so much no.

  • Slave abolitionists – Republicans
  • Suffragettes – The first state to give women the right to vote was a SERIOUSLY red one, Wyoming.
  • Civil Rights – Republicans
  • Fine, she can have the unions. (ha!)

We’re not sure Ocasio-Cortez thought this through.


And likely held similar beliefs to Ocasio-Cortez.

Socialism just hasn’t been instituted correctly, DUH.



The money fairy picks it from the money trees that exist in the money mountains over there in Moneyville.


See? We weren’t just writing to read ourselves write.

What do you know?

It’s easy to pretend you care for the little guy when you’re far from it yourself.


Sort of like Bernie with his three homes, eh?

Socialists. *eye roll*


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