Perhaps Maxine Waters should spend more time focusing on her own LA district than on screeching about Trump and threatening his administration because HOLY COW, what a dump. Why do people keep electing her if she allows the district she is supposed to represent to look and be this way?

That and she doesn’t even live in said district.

This is awful.

Just. Wow. Imagine if a Republican had allowed this to happen to his or her district.

Oh, wait, that wouldn’t happen.

And the fact that she lives in a mansion elsewhere while her district falls apart and the people she supposedly works for go without? But tell us more about how mean Trump is, Maxine.



She has name recognition and spends most of her time vilifying the party that could actually come into her district and do some good. It’s about power for Maxine, not her district and certainly not the people she works for.

Almost seems like she’s deflecting.

It certainly feels a bit like that, doesn’t it?

Because Democrats keep them uninformed and ignorant by scaring them with their, ‘Trump is literally Hitler and wants to control women’s bodies,’ BS.

An ignorant base is an easily controlled base.

Wake up, indeed.


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