If you find yourself rooting for the Dems to take over Congress in November after watching them freely admit they will raise taxes it’s time to turn your Conservative card in. Seriously.

Don’t like Trump? Fine. There are plenty of people who don’t like the guy BUT who are enjoying having more of their own money in their pockets, being employed, and watching the U.S. finally making some real progress with destroying ISIS.

So even if Trump isn’t necessarily one’s cup of tea, throwing all of that away to spite him by rooting for the Dems seems pretty stupid and not all that principled to this editor.

Dude. For real? Talk about taking your ball and going home.

James Woods perhaps said it best:

Awww, and he even wished him a Happy 4th!

What a sweetie.

It is starting to feel like a betrayal of sorts, yes.

The fact a Democratic Socialist beat a traditional Dem should absolutely be enough for this crowd to support the GOP during the midterms if nothing else to avoid socialism.

But, you know, Trump.


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