Yes. We know The Babylon Bee is supposed to be a satirical site but more and more it’s like they’re reporting the truth. Suppose that’s what makes the best satire when you have to sit and think about whether or not the story is real.

And with the way the country is going (and the crazy, violent behavior from the Left who have taken to attacking minors in MAGA hats), this particular piece from TBB isn’t too far off from reality.

From The Babylon Bee:

The man was waving a sign reading “DOWN WITH HATE” and shouting the slogan when he spotted the passerby in a Make America Great Again hat, causing him to borrow a shovel from a nearby construction crew and begin chasing the Republican man down the street.

“TOLERATE THIS!” he screamed as he brought the heavy gardening implement down on the man’s head, rendering him unconscious. His beatdown continued for several minutes, until other leftist protesters intervened in order to make sure they got a turn wailing on the helpless victim.

Tolerate THIS! Heh.

It really is perfect.

Ha! And yup.

That’s what makes it brilliant!

Note, there are literally people on this thread all but proving the satire true.

What a sweetie.

And look, he has ‘love’ in his name.

See what we mean?

Perhaps they should just change the slogan to, ‘Hate Trumps Love,’ it would at least be more accurate.


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