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Hell to the YEAH! J.R. Salzman and @AG_Conservative take AP story on Army discharging 'immigrant recruits' APART

Our friends in the media strike AGAIN, with another crap headline written to deliberately instill RAGE in people who they know won’t actually read the article or bother to understand the policy and why certain ‘immigrant recruits’ are being discharged.


Look at this BS …

Notice how they emphasize the ‘path to citizenship’ in this headline which reads as a sad attempt to imply Trump hates IMMIGRANTS so much he’s kicking them out of the military. Pathetic, right?

J.R. Salzman was front and center to set the matter straight with ATTITUDE:

Fail a background check you can’t serve.


We’re not seeing any great outrage or evil here.

Wait, you mean they’re not already serving, RISKING THEIR LIVES for our freedom?!

Get outta here.


But Trump! Racist! Eleventy!

It IS a BFD so yes please, do those background checks.

So this isn’t some giant conspiracy to hurt brown people.

We’re shocked.

Activist media is a thing now.

AG, truly one of the most informed and balanced accounts on Twitter, wrote an exceptional thread on this topic (we covered him and his thread HERE as well):



That too.




At this point, we do believe they keep doing this.

Shameful, AP.

That narrative ain’t gonna support itself ya’ know.


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