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WTAF! UNHINGED MSNBC guest makes BATSH*T claim about Trump's SCOTUS pick (goes uncorrected)

MSNBC has lost it.

We know, it’s not like they ever really had it, but for this woman to claim that Trump’s SCOTUS pick will jail women for having a miscarriage and nobody corrects her? C’mon you guys, this was low even for you.



Yes, those monsters on the right are working to protect life. The nerve.

And PLEASE stop pretending a miscarriage is in any way like an abortion.

Just stop.

At this rate, they might as well start blaming Trump’s SCOTUS pick for everything wrong in this country, even though you know, he hasn’t picked him OR HER yet.



Sadly far too many on the Left do believe this crap.


There’s not much to diminish about MSNBC but absolutely true.

Most sane people know this, but MSNBC is banking that their audience does not.

Sad, ain’t it?


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