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'Deliberately MISLEADING'! Sharyl Attkisson calls Bill Kristol OUT over his 'immigration' ad and WOW

Bill Kristol seems to think Republicans don’t know the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. That or he’s deliberately playing stupid when it comes to this issue to push some bizarre anti-Trump narrative that could do irreparable damage to the party that he supposedly used to belong to.


Republicans know all of this, Bill.

Yes, a nation of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. A nation of people who went through proper channels and worked extremely hard to become Americans, not those who sneak across our borders and then expect us to treat them like the folks who did it the right way.

Stop it.

Sharyl Attkisson called Bill out very calmly …


Seriously, it’s like Bill is pandering to Democrats.


They grasp it, they just want to pretend otherwise for their narrative.

It’s gross, right?


How the mighty have fallen.


The narrative is all that really matters.

Not the policy.

Not the people.

And that’s beyond depressing.


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