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Damn near PERFECT! Greg Gutfeld pens HILARIOUS tweet about the Left that WORKS for any and all occasions

When Greg Gutfeld is right, he’s SERIOUSLY right.

And boy howdy, was he RIGHT with this tweet about Lefties, including the media.


We’ll just keep this tweet conveniently on hand for every time the media switches gears to keep up with whatever the new narrative from the Left is. For months it was BAN ALL THE GUNS, then it was TRUMP IS RIPPING BABIES AWAY FROM THEIR MOMS, and now it’s TRUMP WILL PICK A SCOTUS TO PUNISH WOMEN.

We have a hard enough time keeping up with this nonsense to make fun of the Left, we can’t imagine being the media trying to adjust narratives to support them.


We’re not worthy.

Pick one, Skippy.



It’s truly perfect.

Such a giver.

Let’s not and say we did.


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