Brian Stelter has a serious and seemingly unhealthy obsession with Fox News; any chance he gets he’s talking smack about one of their shows or pundits. And we know, a lot of people call him the ‘Hall Monitor’ but honestly we see him as more of a mean girl …

Look at this from him about Maria Bartiromo:

Ooooh, look, it’s a transcript from the show.

He’s so edgy.

And speaking of edgy …

Uh, Obama and Hillary were both up to no good in a lot of ways but hey, go ahead and gang up on the nice lady at Fox News.

See? Mean girls.

Catty, gossipy harpies don’t have to be women.

Geraldo stepped in to defend both of his friends, Trump and Maria:

He’s right.

She was right.

Trump was right.

But that doesn’t mean Brian and Jon won’t complain about it and then get cranky later on when we all make fun of CNN and that silly podcast for being fake news.

Says the ‘guy’ who used to be a Justin Belieber fan account.

Classy. Remember Bri, you are the company you keep.

Awwww, and really, that’s all Bri wants. To be loved.


Poor tater.


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