Sure, Kamala Harris was busy pushing legislation to make lynching illegal (because you know, it wasn’t illegal enough already), so she may have missed it but Trump has said his SCOTUS pick will likely be between TWO WOMEN.

Which makes this tweet from Kamala all the more laughable …

Trump is going to appoint a woman to punish other women? Well, THAT oughta show em, right?! For being the so-called party of women the Left does a crappy job of truly championing them …

Isn’t it adorable how they pretend only evil, old, rich, white men are ultimately against abortion?

And by adorable we mean pathetic, sad, and super annoying.

Women’s rights are the same as men’s rights.

Period the end.

You do not pass go, you do not collect $200.

Funny how they get so freaked out when states can make their own decisions.

Awfully authoritarian of them doncha think?

And enabling women (and men) to avoid responsibility for their actions. *shrug*


They really are ridiculous, aren’t they?


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