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Let them FIGHT! Randy Quaid defends Trump, goes after Rob Reiner AND Jim Carrey, and it's honestly BRUTAL

Randy Quaid may have lost it a little, but this was pretty … interesting.

Yeah, that’s it.

It started here with Rob Reiner doing his usual, ‘Blah blah blah, I hate Trump, blah blah blah, Trump is evil, blah blah blah, Trump is destroying the country’ schtick, and this time it was because Trump gets to pick the next SCOTUS justice.


S’always something with this guy.

Gotta love Rob’s convenient claim that we are a nation of laws. You don’t see him saying that about Hillary or illegal immigrants.

Enter Randy …

Alrighty then.

Ok. So Randy looks a little like a Santa Claus at a cheap mall in New Jersey BUT it’s so rare to see a Hollywood type call out their own. And it wasn’t just Rob Reiner who had Randy’s attention …

Speaking of a scary Santa Claus … and huh?


Don’t look at us like that.

Ok, fine, look at us like that.

We’re not entirely sure WTH is going on here but admit it, it’s fascinating.

Man, Hillary sure pissed off a lot of people.

Including the Quaids apparently.

Well, maybe not Dennis, we’re not sure about him.



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