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OMG the backfire! Kamala Harris vows to fight for everyone's civil rights and all HELL breaks loose

Sheesh Kamala, this went well.

Oh, wait, no it didn’t.


Pandering panderers are going to pander.

Say THAT five times fast.

Raise your hand if you find the timing of this particular tweet a tad poor considering several WOMEN in the Trump administration have been attacked and harassed in their everyday lives and her colleague Maxine is cheering on even more harassment.

Her self-awareness is seriously at an all-time low.

And Conservatives.

And pro-life types.

And people who want legal immigrants.

And people who want smaller government.

And people who want government out of their healthcare.

And people who want lower taxes.

Otherwise, she is totally THERE for you.


Like we said, this tweet lacks self-awareness in a big way.


Wouldn’t count on that happening anytime soon.

While she has no idea what she’s fighting for.


This person just described the entire Democratic movement.


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