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Kicking BUTT and taking names! Kyle Kashuv is on a MISSION and it should TERRIFY the Resistance

David Hogg who?


While David sits on Twitter insisting they will win and that guns are bad, m’kay, Kyle Kashuv has kicked his activism into OVERDRIVE by pushing and supporting other young people to get involved and INFORMED on what is really going on in this country. Kyle is seriously kryptonite for the Resistance, who seems to think they own our young people and can use them to push an uninformed narrative.


For example, Kyle is working on this …

Ruh-roh, Lefties.

Kyle has figured out that high school kids aren’t necessarily programmed to be liberal and that there is a place for other points of view (reality) with these young people.


Senator Hatch rules.

Kyle has invited Hogg to debate several times, and as far as we know, he’s never accepted.

Although we’d pay good money to see THAT.


C’mon David, do it for the children!

Editor’s note: Please help Kyle get the word out on this event, he’s doing a great job but any and all support goes a long way!


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