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HA! Doc Thompson BLASTS MILLIONAIRE Bernie Sanders, triggers The Socialist Party and then it just gets HILARIOUS

For being a supposed socialist who thinks people make too much money, Bernie Sanders sure made a lot of moolah in 2017.


Then again, one would imagine he needs to make at least that much to keep up with three houses, right?

Doc Thompson perhaps said it best:

And that’s the problem with socialism, eventually, you run out of other people’s money.

Look out folks, it’s The Socialist Party.

Money is idiotic.


And they wonder why no one takes them seriously about much of anything.

But socialism has never been tried the right way or something.

Class-free society.


Isn’t that what the Left has already? They’re awfully class-free …

Ba dum bum.

Right? Make the check out to Cookies for Twitchy editors.

We see what he did here … heh.


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