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'Get a f*cking CLUE!' SLACKTIVIST Tim Wise gets SPANKED for openly hoping America FAILS to own Trump

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times … Trump winning the 2016 election broke a lot of people.

To be fair, likely any Republican who beat Hillary would be receiving a negative reaction from our delicate friends on the Left, but the fact that it’s Trump who beat her (you know, one of the most unpopular GOP candidates in modern history), that seems to have pushed them past the point of insanity.


Imagine hating Trump so much you’d root against your own country and hope it FAILS.

Our long-term survival depends on the destruction of our country.

What a freakin’ moron.

Hey, millions of people might be hurt financially, maybe even destroyed, but he hates Trump enough to be ok with that.


Point out that they’re all but handing Trump another term in 2020 and they really freak out.

We’re not exactly holding our breath that people like Tim will be getting a clue anytime soon.


Yes, he is so blind in his hatred and no he doesn’t care about the consequences of his statement.

As for his economic knowledge … oh, our sides.

Every. Time.


Which is such a bizarre statement but it has to be said.

He should definitely consider changing his last name.


He hates Trump just that much.




Sad but not too far off from the truth.


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