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'Bias EVERYWHERE.' Kimberley Strassel's #IGReport thread looks even MORE damning for Obama DOJ/FBI

There has been SO MUCH NOISE around the #IGReport, especially Democrats focusing on the one line they think clears everything up, ‘Comey not motivated by political bias.’ Forget that everything we’re seeing, especially those AWFUL text messages from actual FBI agents, shows a disgusting and disturbing political bias within the FBI itself.


Kimberley Strassel broke everything down in a simple yet incredibly damning thread …

So basically nothing in ‘writing’.

Got it.

Notice we’re not seeing this reported by our good buddies in the traditional media.



Don’t forget our good buddy, Obama.


How could he not know Weiner was her husband? That’s so damn ridiculous.


Psh. Wouldn’t hold your breath for any apologies.

Good question.

If this is indeed true, interesting timing on the release of the report.



Facts schmacts.


LAPDOGS! James Woods REKT ’embarrassing’ media and their IG Report coverage in just 1 tweet

DAFUQ?! LOL! You won’t BELIEVE the Weiner knowledge that eluded super-sleuth Comey

‘You SHOULD be freaking out!’ Alyssa Milano accidentally makes a STELLAR case for Voter ID

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