Today’s presser with Sarah Sanders was a serious clown show and not in a funny way.

We hate to break this to James, but it’s pretty evident that the media has lost any and all ability to be embarrassed for their behavior. Jim Acosta made that clear when he yelled a question at Kim Jong Un about whether or not he would be getting rid of his nukes.

The media spends as much time as possible telling us how badly Trump behaves and at the same time failing miserably to see they behave in much the same way.

It’s pathetic.

Or like James said, sad and disgusting.

It does.

Scary ain’t it?

They’re experts at this point.

They elected him in 2016, why not in 2020 as well?

Some of their egos are so large we’re shocked they can all fit in a room together in the first place.



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