Oh, good grief.

This woman.

Guess we should just be glad she’s not tweeting about gun control or the ERA …

And who knew she supports Voter ID?


It’s never been more important to make sure people have to present a legal form of photo ID when they vote. Right Alyssa?

And we’ve never needed Voter ID more than we do right now.

We’re with you, Alyssa.


Did she really tweet out a YouTube video on this?


D) Voter ID

From The HIll:

“Election security is national security and our intelligence officials have made clear that our election systems continue to be a target for foreign adversaries,” Klobuchar said, adding, “With only 151 days until the next election, we must act now.”

Continued …

The NDAA amendment also differs from past versions by expanding the Election Assistance Commission’s current Technical Guidelines Development Committee and renaming it the Technical Advisory Board.

This entity replaces the advisory panel originally proposed by the senators to offer states recommendations for securing their systems, which would have been housed at the Department of Homeland Security.

The amendment would also create a floor requiring states conduct post-election audits of federal elections beginning in 2020, with the option for states to waive the requirement until 2022. The measure does not, however, specify how states must go about auditing the federal results.

So it doesn’t exactly do a whole lot.


Actually, Voter ID would go a long way in preventing voter fraud, even from those pesky and sneaky Russians but notice she doesn’t actually mention it herself. She does, however, make an excellent case for those of us who do push for Voter ID and voter registration purges like the SCOTUS just sided with in Ohio.

We’ll catch those sneaky Russians yet!


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