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So CLOSE! Stephen King ALMOST got something right BUT then he screwed it up in a SCARY big way

Stephen King doesn’t like President Trump.

We know, thanks Captain Obvious.

On that note, he tweets a LOT of stupid not just about Trump, but about this country, politics, and government in general. Often times when we write about Stephen to mock him we’re mocking him about something simple he didn’t understand about history or government instead of his dig at Trump, so to see him ALMOST get something right was simply shocking.


See for yourself.

Blah blah blah, Trump is incompetent, blah blah blah impeach .. but then LOOK.

He called America a REPUBLIC.


The rest of his tweet is hot garbage (as usual) but the fact that he called us a Republic tells us that MAYBE he’s starting to pay attention.

Ok, probably not but still.

Because he doesn’t like him, duh.

He is a little odd.


You have to wonder if Stephen realizes if they do indeed impeach Trump we get Pence, not Hillary.



Like most on the Left, Stephen seems to think only his vision of America is the correct one.

Which is only one of the reasons Trump won.

Keep it up, bro.


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