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WHOA: Sally Kohn accidentally AGREES with the NRA about how best to protect our children

Full transparency, when this editor wrote about Sally Kohn a little bit ago she was totally waiting for Sally to tweet about gun control but the Gina Haspel tweet was too good NOT to cover …


This was, however, what she was waiting for:

No one is pushing a false dichotomy but people promoting gun control.

Sure we can, with armed security at the doors of every school and allowing teachers who are comfortable and trained to carry at school.

Wow, who knew Sally was so agreeable to such things.



Oh wait, guess she didn’t agree with us or the NRA.


Damn, our bad.

It sure sounded like it for a minute.


What’s doing better by our kids than protecting them?

Bingo again.

Man, Ben is making a lot of sense.


And so is Chad.

What happened to Sally?

Oh. There she is.

Sally, you said that already.

And that’s all the NRA and other legal gun owners want to do as well.

Armed security would have gone a long way today in Santa Fe.

But you know, blame the NRA and take guns from Americans … or something.


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