Admit it.

The moment you heard about the tragic shooting at a High School in Santa Fe you knew David Hogg would be front and center trying to make the shooting about himself and his so-called movement to end gun violence aka disarm Americans.

And you knew he’d do his best to make it about himself.


Yeah, we get what David is trying to do here and considering his 15 minutes of fame were running out …

He’s not fighting for this editor and any other legal gun owner in this country, but we digress.


David has done very little to actually help stop gun violence, and yet here he is pretending he is some great activist fighting for people. Others like Kyle Kashuv have actually worked with legislators to push bills that address violence in schools.

All David does is sit on Twitter and boycott companies who dare disagree with him.

So really all he’s fighting for is attention.

Get ready for two weeks of Hogg and his gun-grabbing cohorts threatening companies who refuse to stop selling firearms and pretending he actually cares about making a change in this country by tweeting about it.



Hey, Shannon Watts and Cameron Kasky beat him to the punch … he’s slipping a little.

Let’s not pretend David knows a whole lot about showing respect.


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