As news broke of an active shooter in a Santa Fe High School this morning, Senator Ted Cruz tweeted the following:

Which of course triggered Shannon Watts.

We aren’t even sure of the number of people injured or killed in the Santa Fe High School shooting but that didn’t stop Shannon from being front and center to exploit it for her anti-gun narrative.

And considering we really don’t know what happened at this point screeching about background checks and playing politics by slamming Cruz seems like a fairly heartless and ugly thing to do at this point.

But then again, it is Shannon Watts we’re talking about.

Keep an eye on Hogg’s timeline, we’re sure it will be filled with similar tweets.


Of course it is, it’s all they know.

That and boycotting companies.

Because she wants to be among the first to play the ‘Blame the NRA’ card.

It’s what she lives for.

That and trolling Dana Loesch.


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