Let us preface this by saying we’re really glad Rob Rosseau doesn’t actually have a daughter.

We’re sure MS-13 appreciates the shout-out, dude.

Fascinating that this guy has a blue check, doncha think?

Right, we’re the idiots.

Not really mad.

More amusement and curiosity if this guy can tie his own shoes.

Look at me look at me!

But Republicans support smaller government, lower taxes, and are pro-life, they’re clearly far eviler than these MS-13 types.

You have to wonder if stupid like Rob’s actually hurts him.

Says SO much about Twitter.

D’oh! EL OH EL.

Not especially.

Hrm, we sense some serious sarcasm here.

Yeah, this was especially dumb.

We know what he was trying to do here, it was a troll (and a crap one at that), but c’mon man. MS-13 isn’t a joke, they really are ANIMALS and no matter how much you want to dunk on Trump, this just didn’t work.


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