Rolling Stone magazine … that really says it all.

Jamil doesn’t accept reality, fixed it for him.

Dude, even the AP admitted this was fake news, deleted their tweet and (sorta) apologized for it.

And maybe he missed it, but members of MS-13 behead people and stick their heads on pikes you know, like animals. But sure, Trump is the bad guy here.

Sounds legit.

This. ^

People are so desperate to create a narrative that just doesn’t exist here … and like Jamil, they failed spectacularly at it today.

But nice try proglodytes.

Remember that? We do.

Funny how this behavior is always ‘ok for me but not for thee’ with the Leftist crowd. And not funny ‘ha ha’, funny ‘that’s BS.’

Oddly enough, Jamil has his own history of referring to human beings as animals.

Eight years ago.


Does this make Jamil racist?

Asking for a friend.


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