You’d think Sally Kohn would be a tad more supportive of a woman being in a position of authority like Gina Haspel being the FIRST female director of the CIA. Seriously, this is a pretty big deal when it comes to women’s rights and empowerment …

But Gina has the wrong political letter by her name so Sally had this to say.


Oh, stop it.

Gosh, those poor terrorists, the nerve of the CIA doing its job.

More women have broken glass ceilings under the Trump administration than Sally probably wants to admit … but of course, other women broke ceilings before this.


That one hit Hillary RIGHT in her Libya.

WE SAID LIBYA, take a breath.

Double youch.

Nah, that’s more up Hillary’s alley.

Awwww, see, caring.

Because John hates Trump, duh.

Her outrage is convenient.

It is.

She doesn’t care.


Excellent point.



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