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SHAME ON YOU! CNN gets lit the eff UP for posting intentionally dishonest 'school shooting' map

CNN posted a map full of apples and bananas.

How this network can look at itself in the mirror is a mystery to us because wow, talk about a blatantly biased and shameful attempt at headline rage. They know their readers will look at the stupid headline and run screeching off into social media claiming 22 school shootings for the year.


Sorta like what Ana Navarro did earlier.

Look at this crap:

CNN has zero shame.


If you take the time go through their list you see a bunch of things that really shouldn’t qualify as a school shooting, not to mention adults being involved who are not students. The melodramatic headline leads one to believe it was all shootings like what we’ve seen in Parkland and Santa Fe.

It’s really bad.


They’re not trying to inform the public though, they’re just trying to rile their base up for traffic.

And to AG’s point, this is very dangerous.

It’s never stopped them before.

At least they’re consistent in their fake news.

It’s what they do best.


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