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The HUME-ANITY! Brit Hume just needs 5 words and 1 tweet to HUMBLE Ben Rhodes on N. Korea

It has been a GREAT week for the Trump administration.

Which means it has been the exact opposite for members of the Obama administration, particularly Ben Rhodes.


You know, if Ben would just stifle every once in a while and realize he doesn’t have to comment and complain about every little thing Trump does he’d save himself a good deal of embarrassment.

But then again, what would we write about?

Take, for example, this nugget of ‘wisdom’:

We’re shocked he hasn’t deleted this.

Granted, someone (like this editor) PROBABLY has a screenshot of the tweet and would only embarrass him further for deleting it but still.

It would have saved him from getting destroyed by Brit Hume.

You know why this is so funny from Brit? When you read his tweets you do it in his voice, admit it. And he’s such a straight shooter and so dry … it’s hilarious.

Brit is our spirit animal.

Poor Obama.


Perhaps he should stick with fiction because he’s not great at this real-life stuff.

Hey, at least he’s not the guy who drove the van.


Look out John, you’ve got competition.


Seeing lots and lots of tweets and stories aging very poorly.

Just like Obama’s legacy.


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