Maybe CNN missed it, but there has been a lot of news this week that has NOTHING to do with Stormy Daniels. You know, three American hostages released from North Korea, five top ISIS operatives arrested … actual news.

But Brian Stelter can’t get enough Michael Avenatti it seems.


And then again this morning.

Hey, does Brian think people really care?


Seriously, they can call it Stelter Loves Avenatti.

Literal EL OH EL at this.


Let’s not pretend Avenatti is some great legal mind, he’s really just a slimy Leftist lawyer looking to make a name for himself on the back of Stormy Daniels.

For being on her back?

Ok, we denounce ourselves. *sits in the corner*

Doesn’t take much.

Brian may be it.



Hook, line, and sinker.


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