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'Who's the FASCIST now?!' Glenn Beck BLASTS Hollywood elite 'unfollowing' Kanye over Trump and it's BRUTAL

Oh look, a group of Hollywood elites has unfollowed Kanye for being a Trump supporter.

What a bunch of freakin’ whiners.



Bummer to lose Katy Perry and Ariana Grande, their timelines are both filled with so much wisdom.


Oh, our sides.

That was painful.

Anyway, Glenn Beck had a few choice words for these big babies who can’t accept people who thinks differently from them:

Ooh, ooh, we know who the fascists are now!

Damn son.



This is not a culture thing, this is a political thing. And a stupid one at that.

Look at this noise:

Maybe Rick missed it, but Democrats have been calling Trump and his supporters fascists for nearly three years. What Glenn is doing is using the Left’s own tactics and words against them …

This guy must be new here.

We bet Derek is big fun at birthday parties.




Whataboutism fail, but thanks for trying.

The interesting piece we’re seeing throughout all of the pushback with Kanye is people assuming that he’s somehow ‘changed’ or lost his way, and perhaps he’s always been more right-leaning than he’s let on for just this reason …


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