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TFG -> Blue-check continues blaming Ben Shapiro for mosque shooting, @neontaster and others SCHOOL

You guys remember Nathan, right? We wrote about him a couple of times last week, the first time to illustrate how badly Ben Shapiro himself blistered Nathan for accusing him of influencing the gunman who killed six at a mosque in Canada. The second was to make fun of him for threatening to sue Twitchy for libel for using his own tweets …


He’s hilarious.

Well, seems Nathan is still hard at work trying to convince the world that Ben is somehow at fault for this shooting (sidenote, reading about Nathan’s other endeavors this editor is fairly certain all of this is just one big troll but eh):

If we rolled our eyes any further back into our heads we’d do permanent damage to ourselves.


Psst … logic doesn’t seem to be Nathan’s strong point. Just our humble observation.


Would this be the same prosecutor that one of Nathan’s followers tagged to sue Twitchy … a prosecutor who had never heard of either of these gentlemen?


@NotWokieLeaks also engaged Nathan a bit:


The key phrase being ‘people who aren’t morons.’

This. ^

Fair on both points.

Ironic, ain’t it?

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, even if we tried.

Yes, Nathan will probably spend some time screeching at this editor again for attention, but we had to cover this … it’s just too funny.

And to think, Twitter is still free.


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